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somewhere in europe
Finally the chess board for engineers.
creativity.. making use of a broken flower pot
What is the first word you see here? write in comment.
Maho Beach is located in St Maarten, and famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport adjacent to the it. Arriving aircraft must touch down as close as possible to the beginning of Runway 10
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innovative or what?
Law and Order outdoor lamp display commercial
Nice joke I found in the Google plus stream today
M n M
Baba Khalid Bengai - By originators of baba bengali, this was created by me and my close friend Amit, we are now back and about to make history yet once again.. baba is coming back.. keep watching
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Two 700-pound alligators were killed in Mississippi, the largest alligators ever killed in the state's history. In other news, we should all stay out of Mississippi.
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Dog That Saved Thousands Was Given a Heros Funeral
At the end of a long hard day - this has just made me laugh so loud!!
Wasted time in the workplace is a massive problem. How big is exactly unclear, but from our research, the cost to business is in the millions (if not billions) in lost productivity every year.
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30 day AB Challenge... can YOU do it? I think I am doing it......
Mystery about Mayan calendar revealed
Adamantium is.....dangerously smooth. Pick up yours at today!
PEBKAC is the most common issue a developer faces in his entire career (Problem exist between keyboard and chair)
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The Biggest Nut of All, a sincere blogger
chimp, bald and funny
Maison Martin Margiela's Perfume Sample Holder
Hungarian Heritage at Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2013
life in 5 seconds
Bayern Munich, Champion of Germany, Adds European Title
Nasa's picture of the day, northern lights
Art Student - what do they learn in school..
Out of demand from our holiday lighting clients, Mountain Lights now offers professional lighting solutions for decks, patios, pool areas, pagodas, and more.
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Build your own paper globe - DIY
Pawn stars, the line outside their shop goes around the block..
Nicosia International airport- A moment frozen in time
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