Kids Friendly Recipes

Greek Style Chicken Salad with Thyme Vinaigrette Recipe - Have to try this!!
Scary Pretzels - Halloween Candy Snacks on Stick
Whole Grain Crackers - Easy Atta Biscuit Recipe by
Chocolate Toasted Almond Torte
Baked Ziti - my kids love baked paste and this one looks delicious and tempting
Chia Seeds Pudding with coconut - Healthy and Tasty
A piece of Indian Cheese Cake with Kumquat Syrup, what a pleasant surprise... love to try it.
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Sweet Corn Cake - El Torito Style, my kids love Corn Cake side dish whenever we eat at El Torito, this recipe looks so easy, I think I can surprise my little ones at home this weekend.
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Veggie Homemade burgers
Sesame-Maple Roasted Tofu
Quinoa Spinach Mac and Cheese
Individual Breakfast Pizzas - its ok to have pizza sometimes too.
Candied Orange and Grapefruit Peel, perfect replacement for regular sugar only candies..
Kids will love this delicious pasta.
Love this style of assembling cupcakes. Ey catching red velvet color and my kids can finish it in one go.
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Oh my daughter will go crazy for banana pudding with caramel sauce, i will try this recipe soon. Excellent photos
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Good ideas for utilizing leftover Candies bought for kids on Halloween and when not...
Marshmallow Chocolate Brownies
Pasta Salad with Bacon, melon and Feta, excellent Kids Recipes by
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Churros with Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Breakfast Shake
Gluten Free Corn bread Muffins
Pina Colada for kids, just omit the rum or any alcohol and kids will love the sweet taste.
little butterflies are adorable way to tempt your kids to feed on these healthy snacks.
PB and J blossom cookies
Peanut butter Jelly starts are favorite of my kids.
Surprise your kids on the first day of school with this too-cool-to-trade lunch idea.
children love these kinds of fun pasta shapes
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