Funology has great ideas for keeping kids busy this summer vacations, give it a try...
Kids Crafts Idea - shirt looks gr8
Single Layer baby blankets - at home
Above is a pic of our purple vintage bar, an impulse purchase from a few years back. For the longest time it was just this big, superfluous object that was kinda cool but didn't quite fit in anywhere.
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Very Valentine Craft Projects
Beading for beginners
Making knotted bracelets at home
Bangle Bracelet Craft
beautiful homemade quilt
Decorating basic tablecloth
Homemade button jewelry - this necklace is a keeper
Mystery-Braided Leather Cuff
Shimmery Lariat Necklace
Add some dazzle to your wardrobe with our handmade sparkling sequin necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
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