Rice Recipes I Love

Wild Rice, Kale and Mushroom Stuffing - Vegan and Gluten Free Recipe -ChefDeHome.com
Vegan Chinese Pineapple Tofu Bowl Recipe - ChefDeHome.com
Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice with Poached Egg Recipe - ChefDeHome.com
5 Easy Recipes to Make Leftover Rice Scrumptious Meals - ChefDeHome.com
Soy Rice Pulav (or Pilaf) is north Indian Staple dish.
Lemon Rice - Leftover Rice fried with Turmeric and Lemon
Garbanzo Beans (also known as chickpeas) are a versatile and tasty legume. They can be tossed into salads, roasted, stirred into stews.
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Yogurt Rice
Sweet Saffron Rice
Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf by ManjulasKitchen.com
Baked Mexican Brown Rice
Schezwan Fried Rice recipe by Sneha of kadambam.wordpress.com looks so so good
Rice and various Tamil style offerings...
Keep munching Rice Flakes Pilaf ( or Poha Snack)
Savory Lassi and Soy Nugget Rice Pilaf
Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili
Curried Fried Rice
umm Black Rice Risotto, looks so delish
Vermicelli Upma from Spice Aroma looks so good
Vegetarian Briyani
Simply Matar and Veggies Pulao (Pea Pilaf), a staple in my family
I have to try this Egg Fried Rice recipe.
Semolina and Vegetables pilaf from ecurry
Paneer Pilaf with Fenugreek
Fruit Rice Pilaf from Indian Vegetarian Recipe
Plain Rice and Curry
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