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Pan-Seared Salmon with Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
Today, I am sharing with you #rustic style #pizza with homemade basil #pesto, meaty #artichokes and my all-time favorite spinach. #recipe #gameday #pizzanight
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Game day is almost here. When bacon, beer, chips and burgers hit the coffee table on Super Bowl Sunday, vegetarians (and my friends on diet) should not feel left unattended.
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These succulent, sweet and sour oysters will burst in your mouth and will transport you to Asia. I'm hooked the taste of oysters since I tasted'em with this scrumptious, garlicky sauce.
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Looking forward to watch my hometown San Diego Chargers take on the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow, and my San Diego Mule will cheer up the supporters. Cheers!!
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Fresh Carrot and Basil Rolls
Zucchini and Peppers Grilled In a Foil
Grilled Salmon is famous for a reason - its celebration of health and taste at the same time. In my opinion, omega-3s rich seafood should be cooked with less oil and lots of citrus ...
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Healthy Zucchini Appetizer
A famous authentic Indian snack, Samosas are prepared and liked in almost all parts of world these days. They're a lovely snack for a rainy cold day... We share with you step by step recipe to make de
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National Park Montana, great photo by Jeremiah Thompson
Turquoise Sea, South Island, New Zealand
Stop waiting for motivation, and start working out. #getafterit
Venetian hotel, las vegas, Nevada
Night Panorama, las vegas, Nevada
Palm Spring Mountain station lookout point - notice the snow under the platform
Worlds largest rotating areal tramcar
Empty tram car - palm spring. world's largest arial tramway car that rotates full 360 degree
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Palm springs Arial Tramway
Strength and endurance
Fitness Ball Exercises
Exercise resistant bands - find here
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