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vishal saxena says How many legs does this elephant have?

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MYB-3047 did you know it? Gabbar holds a Smith and Wesson MP revolver Gabbar plays 'Russian roulette' with one of his men who failed the mission. Thakur fires his revolver. A short ejector rod under the barrel matches a Colt model. The couple married in 1973 after which Jaya stopped doing films altogether.
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Which arc comes from the largest circle? Which horizontal line is longer?  - Hold a ruler up to the screen and you will be surprised to discover that the lines are the same length. Look at the two inner circles. The one on the right appears bigger than the one on the left, but in actuality they are the same size. Hold up a dime to see for yourself. In spite of what your eyes are telling you, the smaller off-center circle is actually perfectly round How many legs does this elephant have?