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Devotees form a human pyramid to reach a clay pot containing butter during the celebrations of Janmashtami in Mumbai August 14, 2009. Janmashtami marks the birthday of Hindu Lord Krishna.
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Hindu women take part in a traditional dance at Pashupati Nath Temple during celebrations of the Teej festival in Kathmandu. Married women wear red bridal dresses to celebrate the Teej festival
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Omgeni River Bird Park Durban
Moscow and St.Petersburg have always been tagged as Russia's best tourist choices.
Stunning Sydney
Amazing picture collections so so beautiful. scenes like this define summer.
calm and sareen - i love such places
Vacation in India --- how fascinating will that be!!!
beautiful Spain from
Eucalyptus Forest, New Zealand - a place to be
Chambord Castle, Chambord, France
Palenque, These ancient Maya ruins are located in northeast Chiapas, about two hours by bus from the nearest airport at Villahermosa. Campeche is five hours away, and it takes six to get to Palenque.
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Mexico City - stunning
Mexico Mexico. Riviera Maya
Merlion Singapore - Singapore Mascot
Golden Week in Japan
Tower Bridge, London
The best romantic walk at The River Tiber
Mela has earned an enviable reputation for delivering authentic dishes at fair prices - thanks for review, i will visit Mela whenever I am in London.
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Amazing pictures of Galeries Lafayette in Paris
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